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Sunday December 16, 2007,

Christmas shopping deadline grows closer !

Does anyone have skin problems?  I think I may have figured out a way to avoid certain ones that I occasionally have.
Here is a sure way for me to develop pimples under my skin on my face that take several days to dissipate.  Drink liquid with or after my meal.
This seems to prevent this problem:  Keep hydrated throughout the day and consume my drink (whatever I might order with my lunch or dinner) right BEFORE eating my food.  It seems that when I eat and then dump liquid into my stomach ontop of my food my skin goes crazy....however, if I drink my beverages and THEN eat my food (not drinking anything afterward for maybe a few hours) my skin is just as happy as can be....and I don't cut myself shaving as much....and my skin feels much more healthy.   Sometimes eating and then drinking not only causes bumpy pimples under the skin, but also makes my skin feel irritated and almost like I just applied some of that acid-exfoliating lotion type stuff.
This episode of Healthy Body 101 by Nate is brought to you by the letter C, the number 5 and the color Red.  See ya next time !!!

Friday December 14, 2007
Coming soon to the WRX......Eibach Pro Kit springs......Subaru SPT High Flow Air Intake..... =)

Thursday December 13, 2007

Today's program is brought to you by the Holiday Hawk and Sierra Mist:

Wednesday December 12, 2007

OUCH !!!

jimmy rollins hit in the face june 2007

Philadelphia Phillies' Jimmy Rollins hit in the face by a pitch June 2007.  Well, we all have those days I guess.  It was taken by Associated Press sports photographer Mark Duncan (from the EXIF data found using Exifer, a free program that will show you shooting/camera information from any photo where it hasn't been removed.  EXIF information can tell you what camera took the photo, when it was taken, the camera settings, zoom millimeters, aperture size, ISO setting.  It's really pretty cool.  Some cameras (I think the Canon EOS 1D series and the Nikon D2 series) will automatically encode your pictures with any information you like (like your name if you took the photo) and some of them even GPS location data of where it was taken.  Fun !!!

Tuesday December 11, 2007

What does a 500hp Subaru WRX STI look like?? check out Ken Block's car:

Monday December 10, 2007

Here is today's interesting bit about How Caffeine Works (from

Caffeine and Adenosine

Why do so many people consume so much caffeine? Why does caffeine wake you up? By understanding the drug's actions inside the body you can see why people use it so much.

In the HowStuffWorks article How Sleep Works, the action of adenosine is discussed. As adenosine is created in the brain, it binds to adenosine receptors. The binding of adenosine causes drowsiness by slowing down nerve cell activity. In the brain, adenosine binding also causes blood vessels to dilate (presumably to let more oxygen in during sleep).

To a nerve cell, caffeine looks like adenosine. Caffeine therefore binds to the adenosine receptor. However, it doesn't slow down the cell's activity like adenosine would. So the cell cannot "see" adenosine anymore because caffeine is taking up all the receptors adenosine binds to. So instead of slowing down because of the adenosine level, the cells speed up. You can see that caffeine also causes the brain's blood vessels to constrict, because it blocks adenosine's ability to open them up. This effect is why some headache medicines like Anacin contain caffeine -- if you have a vascular headache, the caffeine will close down the blood vessels and relieve it.

So now you have increased neuron firing in the brain. The pituitary gland sees all of the activity and thinks some sort of emergency must be occurring, so it releases hormones that tell the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline (epinephrine). Adrenaline is the "fight or flight" hormone, and it has a number of effects on your body:

This explains why, after consuming a big cup of coffee, your hands get cold, your muscles tense up, you feel excited and you can feel your heart beat increasing.

       Other interesting bits:

 The half-life of caffeine in your body is about 6 hours. That means that if you consume a big cup of coffee with 200 mg of caffeine in it at 3:00 PM, by 9:00 PM about 100 mg of that caffeine is still in your system.

    well, I guess that was the only other interesting bit that I found.  Now to cheer everyone up, here I present to you Fluffy (in french: Je vous presente Fluffy).

cute little fluffy, the unsuspected destroyer of worlds

Friday December 7, 2007

Deep Thought of the Day:

When you die, if you get a choice between going to regular heaven or pie heaven, choose pie heaven. It might be a trick, but if it's not, mmmmmmm, boy.

–Jack Handey

Thursday December 6, 2007

check this out, this is Tony Miranda, my percussion teacher at the University at Buffalo:

here are your feel good music videos for the day, the song is Built to Last by the band Melee which I had the privelage of hearing about 16 times per day one month at working at Circuit City (playing on the video loop in the middle of the music department) but somehow I didn't get sick of it.  The first video looks like a video made by the actual band?? I can't tell for sure, but it just has a special appeal to it, watch it and see.  The second video is the professionally done video shown on music television stations MTV and VH1 (when they actually used to play music videos, I think they should now change their names to somehow reflect that they play mostly reality television right now...but oh well...=)  As for the song, it's something everyone would like to believe in.  Is it real? Is it an act or partially both?  Are things ever equal and wonderful for both people?  Seeing things that look so real gives hope to the rest.  Perhaps it is just something that really is truly uncommon, and we should expect to do without, but if it does happen is like winning the lottery.  Everybody that plays thinks they can win, one in a million might (really think about those odds for a minute) and perhaps it is a trick.  But, people have to believe in something I suppose.  Anyways, enjoy:

Off from work today.
Good morning Buffalo, here is your current weather (yay for RSS !!, a little plain looking but it's a start):
weather underground logo

RSS to JavaScript

Wednesday December 5, 2007

I have my Christmas list ready, it just has one item on it, watch the video below, it should be pretty simple to get one =)  I believe that they really mean to liken it to the Stealth Fighter, not the Stealth Bomber (it would look more like a Ferrari if the wanted it to look like a Stealth Bomber....but oh well, details details....)

here is another cool video of it, produced by the manufacturer I think judging by the production quality of the video:

Tuesday December 4, 2007

Today, making car payment, worked 6am-1:30pm, went through car wash to get free wash within a week at Delta Sonic, decided I should lose about 5lbs, pondering getting a new Xbox 360 game:

Mass Effect mass effect game screenshot with human characters
and Blacksite blacksite screenshot
both look pretty cool)...
they both have a similar appeal to the hugely popular Halo series of games.
                    image of halo logo with rings in background

I have also decided that I am poor at keeping my tenses straight in fragmented run on sentences such as this...but it could be poetry, so well whatever =)
   Guess what ! this guy below has every Super Soaker model ever manufactured.  It seems a rare thing to find something that you can see or hear and truly marvel at.  Here is your thing to marvel at today:
guy with collection of every super soaker ever made

Monday December 3, 2007

check this out, Canon 1D Mark III shooting at 10 frames per second, pretty soon you will be able to shoot 10 Megapixel video on digital SLR cameras, haha !

okay, okay....then I saw THIS:

A funny commercial for Canon digital Elph, Ixus and Powershot cameras featuring female tennis champion Maria Sharapova taking pictures of her tiny little (but cute, as are all little, non-yippy dogs) dog.

Sunday December 2, 2007

Did you know that only 5% of animals have backbones??

For all the chemistry geniuses out there:

ether bunny graphic
any questions?  good =)

Saturday December 1, 2007

Check out this guy playing Yes "Owner of a Lonely Heart" on the violin....cooler than you might guess, haha.


a flash movie I borrowed from
(a site partially run by a friend)

Thursday November 29, 2007 !!

A cool commercial by Honda airing lately on television.

Tuesday November 27, 2007

These videos of the day are Good Charlotte "I don't wanna be in love" and New Found Glory "Failure's not Flattering" and "All Downhill from Here."  (This page is getting a little bit long and probably slower and slower to load, but oh well, nobody is perfect =p )  Good Charlotte and New Found Glory are popular bands with a typically up-tempo and energetic style (and occasional use of 80's reminiscent synthesizer sounds).

This song is a favorite of mine, I occasionally play it and sing along on guitar myself (maybe I will record it myself and post that here in the future just for fun....I wish there was an open source multitrack video editing program out there....anybody know of any??)  It is "Swing Life Away" by Rise Against.  Unlike much of their other work, this song is acoustic and quite mellow.

Last for the day is a piece I have been working on (on guitar) for a while now.  I actually got the tablature for the tune directly off of Steve Morse' own website.  It is titled "Flat Baroque."  Very cool piece which works well on solo guitar.  Enjoy !
 flying subaru wrx

So, I am looking to make my site a little more sophisticated (I am reading about some really cool sounding acronyms like RSS, XML, MYSQL and PHP...sounds impressive I know).  I am trying to figure out how I would clean up and organize my postings, perhaps using some blogging software or an RSS feed.  (I am still not entirely sure what I am trying to accomplish specifically, but if anyone has any good suggestions on how to make things look a little nicer and cooler please feel free to email me =).  I found some software called WordPress that looks to be decently reputable.  It requires support for PHP and MYSQL on the web server, so I am currently consulting with my web host to see if this is possible or even a good idea.  
Also, today the WRX gets a new Oxygen Sensor which will hopefully tell my engine light to turn off.

Saturday November 24, 2007

Deep Thoughts:

One thing kids like is to be tricked. For instance, I was going to take my little nephew to Disneyland, but instead I drove him to an old burned-out warehouse. "Oh, no," I said. "Disneyland burned down." He cried and cried, but I think that deep down, he thought it was a pretty good joke. I started to drive over to the real Disneyland, but it was getting pretty late.

–Jack Handey

Thursday November 22, 2007
Gary Larson Turkey cartoon

Wednesday November 21, 2007
nate's wrx
I took my WRX to an expert Subaru mechanic yestery and apparently there are no fluids leaking out of my turbocharger...which is good news, a new turbo is $1300, and it is not warrantied past 36k miles, I have about 50,250 as of yesterday.  It just needs a new oxygen sensor.  When he replaces that he said it will be up on the lift anyways, and he will be able to look and see if there are signs that anything else is amiss (for example, where that light smoke was coming from 2 weeks ago...maybe a plastic bag got sucked up under the car and was melting to the engine block??? we will see....)
future plans:  update webpage with more sophisticated design and coding practices
here is some cool stuff to ponder for today:
Ken Rockwell's Website
Strong Bad Emails
Digital Photography Review
How Stuff Works
Wiki How

Tuesday November 20, 2007
Niagara Falls November 2007 !!

 Sunday, November 11, 2007
 holy smokin’ turbo batman
    So there is some burning oil coming from someplace under my hood and it appears to be centered around the turbo assembly !  great news of course....I will have to take it in to the dealership asap, hopefully this week, perhaps I will be car shopping again soon ! haha

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