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Tuesday October 21, 2008

Yikes ! it snowed today, no accumulation though, should be in the 50's the rest of the week here (Fahrenheit for )

I found this on the Chicago Tribune website today, punny restaurant names !!

Hot Dogs:
Grill from Ipanema, 

Coffee Houses:
Aroma Borealis, Brew Ha Ha, Grounds for Divorce, The Daily Grind, Cup-A-Cabana

Literary characters and titles:
Hearty Boys Catering, Lawrence of Oregano Pub, Grateful Bread, Panchos Villa, Breakfast at Tiffany's

The Boston Sea Party, The Contented Sole, Maine-ly Lobster, Somethings Fishy, Wholly Mackerel

Asian food:
Wok n Roll, Seoul Food, Thai Tanic, Thai Food, Once Upon a Thai

Word Play:
Eggspectations, Too Good Eggs, Pelicatessen Fine Foods, Crepevine, Sub Contractor, For Heaven's Sake

Words and phrases:
The Melting Pot, Lox, Stock and Bagel, Pastabilities, The Whole Enchilada, Off the Eaten Path

Chez When, Hung Jury, Rhythm and Brews, Bar None, Stoned Crow

Augies Tower of Pizza, Pizzadelic, Upper Crust


someday soon I will add some sophistication to my page.  till then, I will continue to bring the same
level of quality you that you expect of this site.

Monday October 20, 2008

Here is another reason to buy a Subaru, 136mph jumps !!!

Thursday October 16, 2008

Every Hummer needs wooden wagon wheels !

watch this video too, crazy, the guy with the Subaru breaks his right rear wheel...never seen that before...

Monday October 13, 2008

very cool video, F-35B STOVL US Marine Corps, the place that I found this made references to it being a Transformer...kinda looks like one !

Wednesday October 8, 2008

This video is hilarious....Top Gear is definitely a favorite of mine, Jeremy has a Mercedes sedan converted into room, or something, haha...cottage as they refer to it....including a wood burning stove, wooden chairs and concrete and hardwood flooring !

Quaint My Ride !!!!!!

Tuesday October 7, 2008

A very cool video somebody put together:

Subaru Impreza by FORMAT67.NET from Daniel Michaelis on Vimeo.

Friday October 3, 2008

Autocrossing tomorrow at Lake Erie Speedway and Sunday at Rochester Institute of Technology.  Check this video...a guy put a turbo H6 engine in an Impreza WRX STi....looks pretty fast:

Thursday September 25, 2008

SWEET video of Cadets of Bergen County drumline cadence from 2008 season !

Here is some comedy for your day, courtesy of MySpace TV:

Funny Cat

Tuesday September 23, 2008

Okay, it's been a little while since I have posted here.  New and exciting is the Canon 5D Mark II that is due to become
available in November 2008 if I remember correctly.  Still can't afford one, but maybe someday.  New season of Heroes began yesterday.  A few more autocross events till the year is over.  I am picking up some wheels tomorrow (ANOTHER set), they are Sparco Tarmac wheels, 17 x 7 with Falken Azenis RT-615 tires.  Finally I will get to try these tires out ( UTQG rating of 200, much stickier than anything I have driven on we will see how my WRX handles with sticky tires...hopefully it will be a nice change to the handling for autocrossing, more grip around corners and less slipping and noise from the tires).  I will have to upload some new pics soon, but right now I am at work counting down the final 15 minutes until I head home for the evening.
more updates later probably....oh, and I'm doing some studying lately as well, CCNA and a few other odds and ends....someday I have to conquer Java....who knows how I got through CSE 113 at UB...??


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