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Tuesday June 10, 2008

    Howdy.  I am at work at the moment remote desktop connected to my home computer updating my website, haha.  Finally got it working.  The photo of the day is a 1950's (forgot which year, 1956 perhaps) MG TF roadster.  He has been restoring it for the last several years in his spare time.  Enjoy !
1950's MG TF roadster red convertible 1954 1955 1956 not sure exactly

Monday May, 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day to all.

nate michals patriot bunny sez hoppi day !

  I bring you a gift, take one please:

cute brown baby puppy dog picture pez dispenser

Sunday May 25, 2008

Well hello everyone, been a little while since my last entry.  I have competed in a few autocross events now (3 to be exact I think).  And my times are getting better each attempt.  Last weekend, strangely, were my best times yet.  This is most likely due to the fact that it rained all day, and being that I compete with street tires (traction rating 440 with an actual tread pattern on them) I was actually able to steer, accelerate and brake despite the puddles of water....something a few other vehicles (with much less tread on their tires and a traction rating closer to 200) had a little trouble with.   However, at the next dry weather event, I will be back at the middle or lower middle of the pack in standings because my tires just don't grip very well and they aren't especially wide.   But for now I'll live with it because I am trying to save my money a bit.  
Oh, and I started a new job on May 5th :)  I am now a Helpdesk Analyst 1 at Synergy Global Solutions.  At this time I take calls mainly from various hotels that we support and I help guests troubleshoot their internet connections.  I am learning (sometimes more than others) about networking, and I am studying materials for the CompTIA Network+ exam.  There is a pretty good computer based interactive study guide that I am using called TestOut.  Anyways, here are some pics from my autocross events so far.  Enjoy !

nate michals wrx at RIT SCCA FLR autocross 2008
porsche boxster at RIT SCCA FLR autocross 2008
lotus elise at RIT SCCA FLR autocross 2008
nate michals wrx RIT SCCA FLR autocross 2008
green MG at RIT SCCA FLR autocross 2008
nate michals wrx RIT SCCA FLR autocross 2008
orange Lotus Exige Rotus at RIT SCCA FLR autocross 2008
yellow Miata at RIT SCCA FLR autocross 2008
older white BMW at RIT SCCA FLR autocross 2008


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